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Browse over 120 selections of Native Wisconsin wildflowers, grasses, sedges and rushes available. All species are propagated in and genotyped to Wisconsin.

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Seed Pretreatment: 

(See seed packet for individual pretreatment)


No Pretreatment Necessary:

Many grasses and pioneer wildflowers don’t require special pretreatment and will germinate when conditions are suitable after planting. Stratification can often increase germination, especially of seed that has been dormant for a long time.


(Recommended for quicker germination)

Place seeds in a moist (not wet) growing medium (ex: sand) and refrigerate at 40° Fahrenheit for 6-8 weeks. Use approximately half a cup of growing medium per packet. Then toss pretreated seed mix onto prepared soil and lightly rake in.  



(Recommended for quicker germination)

Process for most legumes. For larger seeds, lightly nick the seed coat with a nail file to make the coat water permeable. For smaller seeds, gently roll between fine grain sandpaper. Then stratify.



(Necessary for better survival)

Legumes need to develop an association with the soil bacteria (Rhizobium) to grow. Inoculating achieves this and assures a much higher survival rate. If you scarify and stratify first add inoculum to seed mix before tossing onto prepared soil. Then gently rake. If inoculating only, add inoculant to seed and shake to coat before seeding.


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Alum Root - Seed

Heuchera richardsonii

American Germander - Seed

Teucrium canadense

Annual Cover Crop

Annual Cover Crop

Aromatic Aster - Seed

Aster oblongifolius

Arrow Aster - Seed

Aster sagittifolius

Bee Balm - Seed

Monarda fistulosa