A Plant Donation to Friends of North Point Bluff Project - Plant Packs


This is a plant donation to Friends of North Point for the North Point Bluff project. Pack includes 6 plants, one of each of 6 species;

Pack 1: Jacob's Ladder, Purple Coneflower, Rattlesnake Master, Common Milkweed, Compass Plant, Rough Blazing Star

Pack 2: Wild Columbine, Grand Penstemon, White Prairie Clover, Cup Plant, Gayfeather, Smooth Blue Aster

Pack 3: Common Spiderwort, Wild Quinine, Purple Prairie Clover, Butterfly Milkweed, Showy Goldenrod, Turtlehead, 

Friends of Northpoint will receive 100% of this donation. Plants included in pack were selected specifically for the Northpoint Bluff project.

Thank you for your donation!